Resources and Data


Resources created by or related to the DDIP.

  • TAPIR (TrAncript Protein Isoform Ranking) – This tool makes use of sequence features (domains, linear motifs, ANCHOR and Disordered regions), isoform RNASEQ expression data (and in the future proteomics expression data) to prioritise candidates for testing with gene editing via CRISPR based technologies and subsequent quantitative proteomics.
  • Fun-L – The Fun-L function prediction method has been extended to include predictions specifically for Drosophila.
  • CONSeQuence – A program that attempts to predict highly detectable peptides for a given protein sequence. study/predict functional units at different embryonic timepoints.
  • FFPred-fly – A FunctionSpace system specifically for Drosophila melanogaster to study and predict functional units at different embryonic timepoints.
  • MC:pred – A program that predicts the missed cleavage of tryptic bonds within protein sequences.


Data made available from the DDIP.